Who is running the police department?

The city’s police union tweeted Monday the “unforseen (sic) circumstance” that postponed their scheduled news conference.

Ryan was expected to respond to comments made by Mayor Catherine Pugh and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

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SRB preparing for Mayor Pugh

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is certainly making it known that she thinks state Senator Catherine Pugh will be the next mayor.

Rawlings-Blake told reporters that she thinks the “better than even money” is on Pugh being elected in the general election.  She also reminded the every one of the Democratic Party’s dominance of Baltimore before make the prognostication.

The mayor said she promised Pugh the best transition that the city has even seen.

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Stokes: We keep f*cking over our children!


Note: Link to audio is below the fold.

As my colleague Yvonne Wenger from The Sun noted, Baltimore City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke began to lobby her colleague Carl Stokes immediately after a preliminary vote
on Monday raising the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour.

While the bill passed the first hurdle with seven votes, eight is needed for the bill to go to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake when the final vote happens next Monday.

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