About that letter to Trump


Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh divulged Wednesday more details on her interaction with President-elect Donald Trump at the Army-Navy football game over the weekend.

Well, she did so after giving all of the reporters and news photographers a Baltimore pin.


According to the mayor, still excited about becoming Charm
City’s 50th mayor, she was the only elected official to greet Trump as he was
getting out of his vehicle.

“I said ‘I am the mayor of Baltimore’ and he said ‘I know,’ Pugh said.

Pugh continues; “I’m so glad to see you in our city at such a great time as the Army-Navy Game.  But I want you to know that I heard what you said about infrastructure and why we should be your model city down the street.’”

After explaining the cities infrastructure need, Trump said “that’s good; let’s take a picture.”

“So we took a picture and I said I really need you to pay close attention to the fact that we can be your partner,” she said.

And with that, Pugh gave him the letter; which outlined items she is looking to get money for like the I-95 exit for Port Covington and a new Howard Street Tunnel, help to pay for a water infrastructure upgrade and a broadband network.

Pugh has acted counter from the rhetoric against the president-elect.  She was nice,
welcoming.  Some would say she is governing and acting as if the election had ended.

For her part, Pugh reminded us that it was Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich who appointed her to the House of Delegates in 2005; finishing the term of Tony Fulton who had died from Cancer.  The Democratic Central Committee at the time sent him two names after there was a tie.

She said two of her friends in the legislature – now County Executives – were Republican; Barry Glassman of Harford County and Allan Kittleman of Howard County.  She said Glassman was the first person to befriend her when she went to Annapolis.

Pugh said she was not able to pass legislation in Annapolis being a Democrat; she was able to pass bills by working across the aisle.

Based on her time with the President-elect, she’ll continue more of the same.

The mayor said she listened to when Trump was discussing the need to invest in a crumbling infrastructure and thought it appropriate to reach out.

Also, don’t expect Pugh to jump on any name-calling band wagon.

“I would never call a president-elect or a president or a governor or even you out of your name.”

MORE: WYPR Inside Maryland Politics: A Letter to Santa Trump (12/14/2016)


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